Nothing sticks in my head long enough to put it down in writing these days, so I thought that instead of trying to write a sustained, coherent article, I’d quickly jot down a few things I’ve read recently that have caught my interest.

  • Responsive viewport units by David Storey talks about the fairly new vh, vw, and vmin units. While currently support is meager—only found in Chrome Canary, IE 9, and some Motorola devices(?)—it’s definitely something I’m going to keep an eye on.
  • The Google JavaScript Style Guide gives some reasonable advice.
  • I really like where Rick Waldron is going with his Idiomatic.js repo on GitHub. My own style differs from his in some ways (such as using single quotes rather than double quotes), but I’d still like to use his as a foundation for a JavaScript style guide at Fusionary where I work. I am way too inconsistent in my own style, especially when it comes to putting space at the open and close of parentheses and brackets.
  • Lea Verou has an interesting piece on background-attachment: local and some cool effects you can achieve with it: Pure CSS scrolling shadows with background-attachment: local. Unfortunately, Firefox doesn’t support the local value.
  • 3D it! is a very cool demo.
  • idb.filesystem.js - Bringing the HTML5 Filesystem API to More Browsers: Whoa. Is it possible to make offline work well without the headache of AppCache? I need to investigate this more.
  • Ben Alman is rocking the house with Grunt, a “task-based command line build tool for JavaScript projects.” I want to start using this in my own projects.

There are so many cool things happening on the frontiers of web development thse days that it gets a little overwhelming. I despair of ever being able to keep up.