After reading a couple posts suggesting the resurgence of RSS, I decided to clean up my own list of web development feeds. Some of the super-old-school blogs I followed (like 456 Berea Street) haven’t seen new posts in 7+ years, so I pruned those. Others trickle in once or twice a year, which is totally fine by me, while a few are so prodigious in their output it makes me wonder how the people behind them find time for their paid work. I’ve been using a feed reader as my main source of web-development news and information for more than fifteen years. I can’t remember what I started with, but NetNewsWire was my go-to app for a number of years until its developer neglected it and let it stagnate. I switched to Reeder, a Mac/iOS app, which I’ve stuck with ever since, even though I’ve heard great things about NetNewsWire’s resurrected versions.

Anyway, I thought maybe someone could benefit from seeing what I keep in rotation. If you have any suggestions, or if there are any glaring omissions, I hope you’ll let me know (you can find ways to reply below). You can check out these links individually, or you can import the full list’s OPML file.